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The National Geographic Channel reports that throughout the course of a lifetime, the average person takes roughly 28,000 showers. It gets harder to appreciate this regular luxury as you become older. So some of the finest quality of hand held showers could be bought here hand held shower heads australia. For this reason, installing a hand wand shower head, sometimes referred to as a handheld shower head, in bathrooms is a terrific idea. To conveniently direct the water where you want it to flow, these handheld devices are attached to a shower wall by a long rubber line.

Why handheld shower heads are the finest choices for elders are as follows:

1.    Hand wand shower heads offer better control

 Elderly and those who care for seniors will find this to be extremely beneficial. According to HowStuffWorks, “Most portable devices include a hose that spans from 3 to 6 feet…or more.” “These shower heads’ lengthy hoses make them a practical choice for individuals who use a shower seat to manage an injury, arthritis, or other physical restrictions. Handheld shower heads allow seniors or persons with disabilities to clean efficiently while seated, preserving their freedom and enabling them to take showers on their own. By directing the water exactly where it is required, the extra flexibility of a handheld shower head also makes it simpler for caregivers to bathe patients under their care.

2.    They’re easy to install

Contrary to popular belief, installing handheld shower heads is really simple. Installing this bathroom fixture doesn’t need a lot of demolition, bathroom remodeling, or restoration. However, if you want a little assistance, the plumbers at Warner Service would be pleased to assist with the installation of a hand wand shower head.

3.    It’s an effective way to clean the shower

Cleaning is a more difficult task than it formerly was whether you’re a senior or caring for one. After cleaning the shower with an environmentally friendly cleaning or drainage agent, handheld shower heads make cleaning the shower simple.No more gathering and transporting buckets or cups of warm water from the tub or sink. For a clean finish, simply take the shower head and rinse the tub and wall surfaces. Additionally, handheld shower heads make it simple to maintain a clean shower in between thorough scrubbing. After washing up, rinse soap scum to prevent mold and mildew growth and to repair tile and grout.

4.    Hand wand shower heads keep water bills low 

It’s uncommon for elders to get a weekly wage after retirement. It’s crucial to control your energy and water expenses if you want to keep your retirement plans on track. Compared to conventional shower heads, hand wand shower heads help keep water expenses low. The majority of manufacturers of bathroom fixtures provide low-flow shower heads and/or unique aerators. These aerators boost pressure while consuming less water by aerating the water spray. To save 2,300 gallons of water a year, get one rated at 2 GPM (gallons per minute). That translates into significant water bill reductions.

5.    They offer great special features

One of these shower heads’ finest unique characteristics, especially for older people, is the slide tubes. The handheld shower head may be placed anywhere on the vertical slide thanks to slide tubes, which “enable the location of the handheld shower head to travel up and down a vertical slide.”Because the height of the shower can be adjusted to fit the person using it, this is perfect for sitting in the shower or walk-in tub. Additionally, it enables the shower head holder to be situated low enough to be reached while seated. Seniors and those who provide care for them might benefit greatly from handheld/hand wash shower heads. In reality, it’s one of the numerous methods to simplify life at home for individuals who are confined to one spot.

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