Cricket is one of the favorite games across the globe. Cricket lovers spend hours watching matches with rapt attention. Sometimes they even forget the time while enjoying the intense action on the field. Cricket enthusiasts believe that this game is a way to unite nations in the form of healthy competition. The popularity of this game has created a landmark in India and as a result in the recent days there has been practice of betting where more and more people are getting attracted towards the game. Newspaper headlines, the brightest flashbulbs of photographers, and exclusive media coverage – the captain of the cricket team, the batsmen, and the bowlers grab all the attention and accept the accolades without paying much attention to the man always behind them.

To be more precise, the man who stands throughout the match behind the stumps, the wicket-keeper, never gets as much attention as the other members of the cricket team. A top headline like, the world cricket news today on television and web channels help us to determine the importance of the role of a wicketkeeper in a cricket match. The task of a wicketkeeper is quite difficult. He is an important member on the field. A wicket-keeper is required to stand behind the striker’s wicket and catch the ball missed by a batsman while playing. Only after hard work, dedication, rigorous practice, and focus do a player attain the requisite aptitudes to master the art of wicket-keeping.

Let us have a look at the top 5 wicket-keepers in the world who have proved their merit time and again through their performances.

1.   M. S. Dhoni: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the finest Indian cricketers and the most admired captain of the Indian Cricket team. He was an efficient right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He is the best wicketkeeper of all time on the Indian cricket team. Dhoni is the unchallenged master wicketkeeper that India has ever produced in the history of cricket.  His focused attitude and ability to take instant decisions are well-known to cricket players worldwide. Although wicket- keeping is an extremely strenuous job, Dhoni mastered the art by keeping his approach very simple. He preferred consistency over style in wicket-keeping. His dedication and well-composed approach surprised many since his early years as a cricketer. Apart from his stupendous performance as a batsman scoring 15000 runs, he has to his credit about 700 dismissals as a wicketkeeper. He also created controversies with his unconventional methods like one-glove wicket-keeping. Dhoni’s excellence added the required recognition to the art of wicket-keeping. In 2009, Dhoni was honored with the Padma Shri award and in 2018, he received the prestigious Padma Bhushan. India’s highest honor, the Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna award was also given to him for his outstanding cricket career.

2. Adam Gilchrist: Adam Gilchrist, the famous Australian cricketer, was a record-breaking wicket-keeper, who is recognized as a game changer for the Australian national team. He is one of the finest wicket-keepers in the world. In 96 Test matches, he gathered 5,570 runs, claimed 379 catches, and with extraordinary body flexibility executed 37 stumpings, thereby creating a record as an Australian wicket-keeper. He was a master of wicket-keeping and his talent made him popular all over the world. On 9th December 2013, Gilchrist was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. Moreover, he was named the named the Australian Post Legend of Cricket in 2021. Indeed, he is one of the finest wicket-keepers.

3. Kumar Sangakkara: Kumar Sangakkara, the great Sri Lankan left-handed top-order batsman was highly appreciated as an excellent wicket-keeper throughout his career. Sangakkara successfully played the role of a wicket-keeper in 50 out of 404 matches of his cricket career. He has a record of 482 dismissals in 404 matches. Sangakkara had also taken 19 catches as a non-wicket-keeping fielder in ODIs, making his total number of ODI dismissals 501. He created the milestones of making 13,262 runs as a wicket-keeper batsman as well as the first wicket-keeper batsman to make more than 10,000 runs in One Day International matches. Sangakkara was awarded ICC Cricketer of the Year in the year 2012 for his outstanding performances. Besides, he holds the prestigious record of making “Most Dismissals in ODI by a Wicketkeeper”. Thus, it can be said that undoubtedly he is one of the best wicket-keepers in the world of cricket.

4. Mark Boucher: Mark Boucher, one of the most popular South African cricketer was an exceptionally talented batsman. He is considered to be one of the greatest wicket-keepers worldwide. He created the record of maximum test dismissals. He was successful in 532 catches and dismissed 555 players all total. He was successful in stumping Umar Gul off the bowling of Paul Harris. Boucher holds the record of 999 dismissals as a wicketkeeper in all forms of international cricket matches. In addition to that, he took the maximum number of catches as a wicketkeeper in the international matches of his cricket career. His excellent talents made him popular as a great wicket-keeper in the world.

5. Brendon McCullum: Brendon McCullum is widely regarded as the well-known  New Zealand wicket-keeper. His focused nature helped him to bring success as a wicketkeeper. Besides, being an outstanding batsman, McCullum holds the record of most dismissals as a wicket-keeper for New Zealand. He dismissed 452 players with 418 catches and 34 stumping in his Test matches. His excellence added the required recognition to the art of wicket-keeping.

 A wicketkeeper’s swift throw at the stumps or a diving catch can overpower the rival team at any moment. It is the responsibility of a wicketkeeper to always stay active all through the game, and it requires a lot of stamina. The above-mentioned wicket-keepers have been successful in giving the best performances which will always be cherished by cricket enthusiasts. Their achievements and talents motivate the youngsters of today’s generation. Their records will always be widely appreciated by people across the globe. Hence, you can easily refer to latest news and have clear insights about life of such players.

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