Engaging a contested divorce lawyer in Huntsville: Things worth knowing

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No matter how strong you are, the divorce could affect your emotional state. You may want to end the marriage and move on with your life, but it is just as imperative to ensure the legal process moves smoothly. In Alabama, you have the option of both contested and uncontested divorces. If you and your spouse are in disagreement over issues such as child custody or division of assets, the divorce could be a contested one. Expectedly, there would be complications that will delay the final judgment. This is the time to contact a contested divorce lawyer in Huntsville. Here are some aspects to know about engaging an attorney.

“I know the state laws. Do I need an attorney?”

If yours is a simple, no-fault, uncontested divorce, you may still manage to do things independently, but when finances and your future are at stake, you shouldn’t risk your rights. Contested divorces often go on for months, and unless you have an attorney who fights for you, the needle may not move at all. Lawyers are responsible for initiating negotiations and discussions between spouses who refuse to talk otherwise, and if all that fails, there is the choice of mediation. The mediator is a third party and would be neutral to you and your spouse, but because things must be discussed, you still need an attorney.

Be honest with your divorce lawyer

People often try to hide assets and facts from divorce lawyers, only to deal with avoidable consequences. You should never lie to the attorney. They should have clarity of where you stand with their assets, what you own, whether you have properties that your spouse is unaware of if you are dating someone, and things like that. Divorce lawyers will usually investigate further and gather relevant info, and if you help them and provide the required details beforehand, their work would be a lot easier.

Affording a lawyer for a contested divorce

Not all family lawyers in Huntsville specialize in contested divorces, so checking the profiles of shortlisted ones is a good idea. As for the payment, you will usually pay an hourly fee, which means if the divorce doesn’t end soon, the lawyer will make more money. There is also a retainer fee. You can meet the attorney and discuss the financials to learn more.

Regardless of the situation, never proceed with a contested divorce unless you have legal counsel.

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