Questions to be Prepared For in Divorce Case

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Filing for a divorce is a huge step, and how the case is resolved can significantly shape the rest of your life. You want to be as prepared as you can be. If you have found yourself asking, “is there any good divorce lawyer near me?” schedule a consultation today and find the best divorce attorney for your case. 

What questions can my attorney ask me? 

When you first meet with your attorney, they may ask you a few questions to determine the facts about your case. Some of the questions that your attorney can ask you are: 

  • What is the reason that you are seeking a divorce? 

There are many causes for why a couple may file for divorce. Some of these causes include extramarital affairs, miscommunication, abuse, lack of intimacy, etc. 

The reason for your divorce may determine how your divorce case is settled, so it is important to tell your attorney why you are splitting. 

  • What is your living situation right now? 

Your lawyer would want to know if you live in the same house as your spouse or if you live separately. 

  • Are you separated from your spouse, and how long have you been separated? 

Your lawyer needs to know if you and your spouse have been separated and how long you have been separated. A legal separation will probably impact the ruling for your divorce case. 

  • Do you have any children? 

Your attorney needs to know if you and your spouse have any children together, especially if any of the children are still minors. 

  • What assets do you have in real estate? 

If you and your spouse have any real estate assets that you share, these assets will need to be divided up after divorce. You might need to visit your county clerk’s office to file and execute the legal deeds. 

  • What assets do you and your spouse share? 

Aside from real estate, there may be other assets that you and your spouse share. Those need to be divided as well, so make sure to tell your attorney about them.

  • Is there any case of abuse or substance abuse within the marriage? 

If your marriage has any history of abuse or substance abuse, it is extremely important for your attorney to know about it. This can drastically change the outcome of your case. 

If you are going through a divorce, do not waste any time. Reach out to an experienced divorce attorney and get the best help. 

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