Top 5 Things to do Before Your Dumpster Arrive

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Make sure the area is free of any obstructions such as vehicles, debris, and other vehicles before your dumpster is delivered.

Spend some time getting ready for this critical component of your project before that delivery truck arrives. For trash hauling, go to Junk Removal San Diego.

Plan it Out

To get the work done quickly, plan things out. placement of the dumpster truck, where you want it to be placed, etc. so that it doesn’t interfere with other stuff.

Planning for the event is extremely important, as you will get more information about it and things won’t be too messy. If you know the things that need to be done, it will end sooner than expected.

Clearing Out the Area

Ensure the area is free from any obstructions if you intend to have the dumpster drop off directly in front of your house. Move the cars and any other obstructions if you plan to place them in the driveway.

For instance, you’ll need to move the dumpster around a lot as you’re getting rid of things; if you want to spare your lawn the wear and tear of constant foot traffic, clear a path on the driveway or another walkway.


It’s important to get the permit from the authorities before the dumpster arrives at your place. Some dumpster rental companies provide permits. And if the one you hired doesn’t, you will need a permit if you are going to get the dumpster placed on public property. Otherwise, you might have to pay a fine.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Let your neighbors know about the dumpster in advance so that there won’t be a problem when it arrives. Letting them know beforehand will save them from any inconvenience and you.


When hauling the stuff into the dumpster, there can be an accident or minor inconvenience. Keeping the bystander at a safe distance from the dumpster is a must. It might cause injuries and health issues if people, especially kids, are near the dumpster.

Prepare the Garbage

The hauling process will end quickly if you keep all the items needed to be packed up and in one place. You will save a lot of time and money by preparing the trash. Keep all the trash in a garbage bag, and recheck everything so you don’t have to pile things up.

You need to choose the right size dumpster that works according to the amount of waste you might produce.

The charges for dumpsters are usually based on weight and the amount of waste. Estimate the right amount, then choose the size wisely.

Inform the dumpster rental service about all the Trash Haulings you need to dispose of. Make sure they know, because they have to prepare for the different types of trash. If you have any hazardous waste or any appliances that may need disassembling, 


Being well prepared for the event will be very beneficial. You can make junk removal so much easier just by doing some preparation for the day. Before the dumpster is taken away, take a last glance around. Do that so you don’t end up missing something.

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