What To Look For In A Good Salary Account?  

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Are you looking to open a salary account at a good bank in India? A salary account can help you keep monthly savings and also extends a number of benefits to the employees. The account is a type of savings account in which an employer deposits a fixed amount of money every month. Before you choose the bank to tie up with, always look at the features of the account. 

The salary account can be one of the best savings accounts for the employee as it runs on zero balance. The salary account is chiefly used for the monthly credit of salary. The salary account also has some additional benefits that you should look at when choosing the bank for account opening. In this post, we will cover the features to look at when opening a salary account for your employees.  

Benefits For Salary Account Holders  

Credit Card Option  

Many banks offer easy credit card options with the salary account opening done. A credit card comes in handy for the employee when he has to buy something without the funds. Credit cards help you buy things on EMI and afford things that you wish for. You can even buy a new bike with the help of a credit card. 

However, before you buy the bike, always check the bike EMI calculator for the amount you have to pay every month. With a credit card from the bank, you can start affording things that you need for a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, sometimes, banks offer debit cards that also act as credit cards on certain occasions. 

Waiver In Processing Charges For Loans  

The processing charges for a loan also matter a lot as they add more costs. A waiver in the processing charges of a loan can be very beneficial. Suppose you get a lower bike loan interest rate or a waiver on retail loans. You can benefit financially from the offer. The process and cost of loan interest will come down for you when you have a salary account in the same bank.  

Free Alerts 

These days, banks have improved the communication they have with their customers. Banks stay in touch by email alerts, SMS alerts, and even WhatsApp alerts these days. Earlier, you had to opt for alerts and pay some extra money for the service. 

However, these days, banks will send you free alerts when you have a salary account with them. From home loan eligibility offers to salary credit alerts, you get all the information for free on your phone or laptop. With free alerts, your relationship with the bank becomes smoother and more fruitful.  

Ease Of Account Opening For Family Members 

If you already have an account in a certain bank, you can easily open bank accounts for your family members. For example, some banks offer you complimentary bank accounts for your spouse so that your family can benefit from the bank programs and offers. It is even easier to get a lower housing loan interest rate when you two have accounts in the same bank. 


These are some of the benefits that you get when your salary account is with a trustworthy bank. From small retail loans to a housing loan or bike loan, there’s a lot that you can achieve with a salary account. Banks these days offer two-wheeler loan EMI calculators for better planning of loans. 

If you are an employee, a salary account with exclusive benefits is a must. If you are an employer, it is your responsibility to enter a tie-up with the best bank in town and offer salary accounts for your employees. This introduces uniformity in the financial transactions of the company. 

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