Best Ways to Access Emergency Cash in Australia in 2022

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In a perfect world, we would never have to worry about being without money. But the reality is that emergencies happen, and sometimes we need access to emergency cash fast. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. There are several ways to get your hands on some quick cash in Australia. Here are some of the best methods in 2022.

Sell Unwanted Belongings

One of the quickest ways to get emergency cash is to sell some of your unwanted belongings. Do you have any old electronics, furniture, or clothes that you no longer use? If so, consider selling them online or at a garage sale. You’d be surprised how much money you can make by getting rid of some of your old stuff.

Most people have a drawer full of old phones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and other devices. If you have any of these lying around, consider selling them online. You can usually get a fair price for your old devices, and it’s a great way to get rid of them if you no longer use them.

Borrow Money from Friends or Family

If you have a close friend or family member who is willing to lend you money, don’t be afraid to take up this option. Just make sure that you agree on terms that are fair to both parties, and that you repay the money as soon as possible. With clear terms, everybody knows what to expect. Don’t just assume that your friends or family wouldn’t help you out financially – they may be more than happy to do so, as long as it’s clear that you’ll pay them back.

Take Out an Emergency Loan

If you need emergency cash immediately and don’t have anyone to turn to, you might want to consider taking out an emergency loan. There are a few different types of loans you can apply for, depending on your needs and circumstances. You can apply for a personal loan, a payday loan, or even a business loan if you own your own business. The important thing is to make sure you can afford the repayments before you take out the loan, as you don’t want to end up in more debt than you were in before.

Apply for a Credit Card

If you have a good credit history, you might be able to apply for a credit card with a low-interest rate. This can be a good way to access emergency cash, as you can use the credit card to pay for what you need and then just make the minimum repayments each month. However, be careful not to rack up too much debt on the credit card as you will end up paying more in interest.

When shopping for a credit card, opt for one with a welcome bonus. For example, some banks will offer no interest for the first 12 months.

Use a Savings Account

If you have some money saved up, you can use it to cover any unexpected costs. However, this means that you will have less money saved in the long term. One way around this is to set up a separate savings account that you only use for emergencies. This way, you can still have your long-term savings goals in place.

Other Methods

To finish, here are some more quick-fire suggestions to access emergency cash this year:

  • Join the gig economy and perform odd jobs online for money
  • Take some overtime at work
  • Ask colleagues
  • Request an advance on your wages

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