Budget-friendly bathroom renovations

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Don’t think you can afford to update your bathroom? We’ve rounded up some tips to help you get a new look without breaking the bank. Consider yourself unable to afford bathroom renovations. We’ve compiled some advice to assist you to update your appearance without going over budget. Whatever your financial constraints (or decorating limitations), there is a way to breathe new life into your bathroom.

In addition to strategies to keep costs low even if you need to make more significant changes, our advice includes inexpensive updates you can do in a matter of hours.If you’re interested in learning the typical price for various-sized bathrooms, as well as what might drive up the price and how to save costs, see our article on planning and purchasing a bathroom suite. Some of the quality products could be purchased through different sites like bathroom products australia.

5 ways to upgrade your bathroom without spending too much

1.     Clean and regrout

Any bathroom may soon become outdated due to a build-up of filth, limescale, and mould, therefore the first step in any inexpensive bathroom makeover should be to give everything a thorough cleaning. To move difficult soil, you can purchase specialized products from supermarkets and DIY stores. Try using an anti-mold grout-reviving pen on any resistant spots if that doesn’t work. They come in a number of colors so you may match what you currently have or, with a lot of patience and a steady hand, you can change the grouting’s color.If you have a lot of tiling, you may also re-groute the grouting and take the risk. If you want to take this approach, search for a solution that will aid in future stain and mould development prevention.

2.     Upgrade your bathroom tiles

If it is not practicable to regrout or paint the tiles, changing them might improve the design of your bathroom. Make careful to utilize them strategically to receive high value. According to Terry Ward of Ward Brothers Bathrooms Ltd., a bathroom installation company recommended by Which? Trusted Traders, “Tiling the entire bathroom is pricey.” Is it possible to get away with tiling simply the bath, shower, and sink? The pricing may also vary depending on the tiles you select. The price of hiring a professional tiler can be reduced by selecting standard-sized ceramic tiles, which start off very inexpensively and are typically quicker and easier to install than stone or mosaics. If you don’t feel comfortable making any of these adjustments yourself, use our Which? Trusted Traders service to identify reliable bathroom installers nearby. Only bathroom installers who adhere to our Code of Conduct and have completed an evaluation by our trade standards specialists are eligible to become Trusted Traders.

3.     Smarten up your bathroom accessories

Small adjustments, like purchasing new accessories, might have a big impact if money is truly tight. They may also be utilized in a rental home when there are few alternatives for redecorating or to bring color and character to an otherwise basic bathroom. Think about getting new window shades or drapes, installing a clever shower curtain, or hanging mirrors and artwork. Even adding a chic toothbrush holder, concealing products in coordinating storage baskets, and improving your towels may make a difference.

4.     Get a fresh coat of paint

If your bathroom has painted surfaces, merely retouching the paint or switching the color may give you a completely new look. It will also take less time and money than other rooms because you just need to paint a very small portion of the wall. Avoid restricting yourself to barriers. Additionally, you might repaint bathroom furnishings or cover worn-out, boring tiles. Just be sure you get the right paint. Bathroom-specific mold-resistant emulsions and tile-specific paints are available. For further suggestions and ideas to help you redesign your bathroom, see our page on bathroom design ideas.

5.     Improve lighting and add mirrors

A bathroom may be made brighter with better lighting without spending a fortune. You might be able to replace the current light fixture with a more fashionable one. Or you might decide to add LED downlights. In smaller spaces, hanging mirrors may assist reflect the light and provide the impression of greater space. Consider an illuminated LED mirror over the sink for a contemporary aesthetic and practical additional light source. You may get more straightforward, inexpensive battery-operated devices in addition to those that require wiring.

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