Diablo 2 Resurrected Tips For New & Returning Players

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In this Diablo 2 Resurrected beginner guide we are going to go over what a breakpoint is and how it works, so you have a better understanding when you come to the classes on how to improve your character and get more Diablo 2 items. This guide is not only for those returning players but the new generation of players that have never played Diablo 2 before.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Tips For New & Returning Players

  1. Research a build, you only start with 1 respec

Diablo 2 is not like most games such as Diablo 3 where you can reset your skills for free, obtain more D2R items and at any time you want you only have one respec early on which is available at acara. When you complete the den of evil quest, you can get two more by completing the den of evil again on nightmare and hell difficulty, but in order to access those, you need to kill bale in the current difficulty. So no access to the other two respects, you’ll only get one on your character until you beat bail on normal in act five. Other than that you can kill each boss in hell mode and they will drop an essence for you.


  1. How to reset stats/skills infinitely

If you can get all four essences, you can transmute each one in the cube and it will create a token of absolution. You can farm these tokens as many times as you like. However just keep in mind that this is in hell mode so you will have to have beaten the game completely in order to get your infinite respects.


  1. Invest in 1 or 2 skills and their synergies

The second part that’s really important to know about the skill system is that the skills for the most part require a heavy investment in order to remain valuable. As you progress through the game as a new player, you might be tempted to put a point in every single skill because you want to test it out or experiment with it or you might put three or four points into multiple skills. This is a very big mistake if you’re looking to have a smooth journey through the game and if you’re looking to go into the other difficulties. It’s going to be very difficult to deal a meaningful amount of damage, so if you can in normal experiment, if you like put one point into everything but you don’t want to waste too many points.


  1. Stat Distribution

When it comes to stats most of your points should be going into vitality you should not be distributing your points randomly into strength dexterity, vitality and energy. The only time you want to put points into strength is if you need to equip a certain piece of gear, you might get a piece of gear that requires 50 strength and you only have 35. You’re going to have to wait a few levels to equip it, but it’s better than having 60 strength at level 10 and absolutely no life in terms of dexterity it’s the same reason you only want to put points in there if you need to equip a piece of gear or if you’re following a build that calls for max block chance, don’t go blindly for max block, it’s really dependent on what class you’re playing, what shield you have, otherwise strength and dexterity really only for gear. Otherwise you want to go completely into fatality. Energy is not that big of a deal, you have mana pots and you get super strong mana pots later on as well so in most cases you don’t even need to touch energy.

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