How to Sell Cryptocurrency Professionally as a Beginner

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Would you like to know how to sell cryptocurrency? Whether you bought it earlier or earned it in a business or as payment for work, you can sell it professionally and earn a profit. Other people sell to get cash after HODLing their crypto for a long time. Whatever the reason, you should know how to sell cryptocurrency professionally as a beginner.

How do you go about this? Is it a complicated process? Luckily, it is not. The most important thing is to know where to sell. And that is what we will cover in this article.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency on Exchanges

Crypto exchanges are the most popular options for people who want to sell cryptocurrencies. They include CEX and DEX platforms, which offer quick ways to sell the crypto of your choice. For beginners, especially for those who have not used exchanges before, it is best to know how to sell cryptocurrency on these platforms. We will use the process to sell cryptocurrency on NakitCoins as an example.

·       Confirm if you can sell your cryptocurrency on the platform. Most exchanges accept a wide variety of coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and USDC to mention a few.

·       Choose the platform where you want to sell: physical outlets, mobile apps, or online platforms. This flexibility is also available with some other exchanges.

·       Register to get an account to operate. This will serve as your crypto wallet because you cannot sell directly from your crypto wallet.

·       Transfer the cryptocurrency you intend to sell from your secure digital wallet to the account you have created.

·       Sell the digital coins by following the simple steps outlined on the platform. The fiat money will be sent to your bank account.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency at Cryptocurrency ATMs

Apart from selling through exchanges, you can do this through crypto ATMs. Bitcoins ATMs are very popular although they accept many other cryptocurrencies also. The good thing with this automated crypto machine is that you can walk out with cash after selling your digital coins. Would you like to know how to sell cryptocurrency at a crypto ATM? Of course, you would.

·       Locate a crypto ATM near you and confirm they accept your cryptocurrency.

·       Make sure you have your digital wallet address and a bank account where you can send the fiat money if you do not want to collect cash upfront.

·       The ATM has guidelines on how to sell cryptocurrency. They are easy to follow, but you have to be careful to avoid making simple mistakes.

·       Confirm the transaction has gone through. Check your bank account balance or collect the cash and walk out.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency to an Individual

Did you know that you can easily sell cryptocurrency to friends, workmates, or relatives? Additionally, some P2P exchanges may connect you to an individual buyer near you. While physical selling, especially to strangers, carries a lot of risks, you can walk away with cash or have your money transferred into a bank account instantly.

If you wonder how to sell cryptocurrency to an individual, we will guide you. Once you meet, confirm they have the payment and agree on how to transact. It involves sending cryptocurrency to the digital wallet of the buyer and then receiving the money through an agreed method.

Final Words

All these options are pretty easy to follow for a beginner. But one has to be cautious to avoid losing digital money because all of them carry some risks. All the best as you make your first cryptocurrency sale.

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