Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner Guide – Best Tips On Leveling Build In D2 Resurrected

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How to get started playing a necromancer in diablo 2 resurrected? This class is amazing you can summon skeletons and there are just so many awesome things that you can do with the necromancer. Next, we are going to talk through what skill points you should get first that are going to be optimal, the best builds to go, and more important things you should know. If you need cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected gold, go to the best online store aoeah.com!


When you first start out with your necromancer, play whatever build or whatever abilities you want to get. But if you want to level quickly, go through the poison and bone tree. If you play summoner, it’s going to be the slowest leveling build in the entire game. Depending on what you’re looking for maybe that’s perfectly correct for you.


For people who are looking to move at a more brisk pace, so the first thing you’re going to get his teeth. Teeth is an awesome ability that gets be your main damaging ability for a long time until you’re level 18 and you can switch over to bone spear. Teeth are amazing it is an area of effect spell, it’s going to allow you to kill mobs in an area. What’s really strong about it. If there was more than one creature, you can kill like four people with one attack.


It’s basically what you’re going to put all your points into. Except at level six, you’re going to want to be aware at level six you’re going to want to get a clay golem. Now clay golem is one of the best golems depends on what you’re running. Because iron golem could be better, but clay is incredible because it slows enemies. It scales very well, over time it gets stronger with you. Even if you’re going down the poison and bone tree to get the clay golem there are no prerequisites.


One of the coolest things as a necromancer is fighting duriel in act 2. But necromancers aren’t really the strongest class early on, so the durable fight can be very challenging for necromancers.  But if you use clay golem this guy is right in conjunction with iron maiden. By the way, iron maiden curses the enemy and it makes you a 350 percent damage return. If you just fight duriel, you put Diablo 2 Resurrected items iron maiden on durian and you just have him swing away at your golem.


He’ll probably kill your golem in one or two hits prob, most of the time one hit. So your job in that fight is to recast the golem in the entire fight. Use your potions mana potions as needed. Then you want an iron maiden for that fight, bone spear is going to become your best friend, it does incredible damage. When it comes to point a location, you’re going to put a bunch of points into teeth. Then you could re-specialize or re-skill at level 24, in order to put a lot more into a bone spear and a lot less into teeth. At level 24, start putting one point into bone armor, so you can have this ability, and then start putting points into the bone wall.


Because bone wall actually is an incredible synergy and gives plus seven percent magic damage on the bone spear. It also gives plus 15 damage absorbed per level. It’s better to put points into the bone walls than to put them in bone armor if you want to make bone armor stronger. In fact, one point is going to do great and then the bone wall is going to make both your offensive ability bone spear and your defensive ability bone armor stronger.


You could also do the same for bone prison, it actually benefits both bone armor and bone spear the same way. If you look at bone prison, it gains eight percent life per level from the bone wall. If you could compare it bone prison actually gets stronger at a slower pace, like bone armor putting points into bone prison. In order of maxing out skills number one bone spear, number two bone wall, number three bone prison, number four teeth.


Now we were going to talk about gear, one of the first things you can get very early is stealth. Stealth is a fantastic cheap D2 Resurrected item, it’s got a 25 percent faster-run walk and 25 faster castrator fcr. Because you’re going to shoot bone spears super fast, it’s got regenerate mana 15 and poison resist plus 30. At level 17, you’re not going to be in Ontario at this point. You’re probably almost done with act 2 at level 17. Your mileage may vary, you need the tall rune and the ethereum in a two-socket gray.



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