What motorcycle gloves should you buy?

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Buying the right motorcycle gloves can be quite an endeavor. Your choice could be based on the season, fabric or sport that you’re going to use them for. In order to pick the right kind of gloves, there are a couple of things to consider, namely comfort, fit, and safety. Keep reading this article and pick the right gloves for you.

Choose the right seasonal gloves

Motor gloves protect your hands from all sorts of weather. There are summer gloves, winter gloves and even mid-season gloves.

Summer gloves

Summer gloves should have good ventilation to make sure that your hands don’t sweat too much and that you don’t lose grip. Usually, they are made of leather because this fabric is light and breathable. However, leather gloves are not waterproof and windproof.

Winter gloves

Winter gloves are usually made of textile and are enforced with leather patches on the knuckles. These kinds of gloves are made with several layers, including a thermal layer to provide warmth. Most motorcyclists buy winter gloves one size too big, because the space between the skin and the gloves provides extra insulation.

Heated gloves

For temperatures below 40 degrees F or long rides in cold weather, you should consider heated gloves. Heated gloves are powered by a separate battery or can be connected to the battery of your motorcycle. They can be quite comfortable in extremely cold weather.

Mid-season gloves

Mid-season gloves are usually worn when the outside temperature is between 47 and 59 degrees F. This kind of gloves can be worn all year around. Mid-season gloves are summer gloves made of textile and have a windproof and waterproof integrated Gore-Tex membrane. They can also contain a thin thermal layer.

Pick gloves that fit the occasion

If you’re just touring with your bike, picking gloves for the right season might suffice. However, if you’re planning on practicing a sport such as racing, motocross or dirt biking, you should pick a pair of gloves that provides ultimate comfort and protection according to your sport.

Racing gloves

If you’re practicing a motor sport, you know that accidents are more likely to happen than when you’re just touring. For some sports, small accidents are even expected. Sports motorcycle gloves are adapted to this idea and are made of durable leather, carbon and polyurethane. T

The base of the glove is made of leather, while the knuckles are enforced with extra protective patches. Some high end sports gloves even have a brace to attach your pinky finger to your ring finger to make sure they don’t get insured so easily. Sports gloves have extra grip to make it easy to hold on to your bike on rough terrain.

Motocross and dirt biking gloves

Motocross and dirt bike gloves are available in different materials, varying from microfiber to polyester. These gloves are usually very flexible and should fit around your hand like a second layer of skin. Because the motocross gloves are very thin, you can feel your motorcycle very well and enjoy ultimate grip.

Motocross and dirt bike gloves are summer gloves, but can also be made with a waterproof membrane. Both motocross and dirt biking are risky sports and extra insurance might be needed. If your hands get injured during the race, your insurance company might ask you to prove that you were wearing protective gloves.

Street gloves

Street gloves are lightweight and durable gloves. They’re thin and flexible, making it possible to feel the bike well and ride it in busy traffic. Street gloves ensure ultimate control over your bike and are very popular among casual motorcyclists.

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