New World Ultimate Housing Guide

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New World Ultimate Housing Guide

Do you need a roof over your head? Have you already had enough smelting experience and wood processing behind you and now want to slowly settle down? Then we have the (for us) ultimate New World Housing Guide for you. This will help you find the right home for your character in Aeternum.

About the housing

Housing is one of the core functions of the New World. It is directly linked to skilled trades such as the manufacture of furniture. A personal house for your character has even more advantages than just a place for your furniture. If you own a house, you have fast travel options and trophy buffs.

You can buy houses in settlements that can be found all over Aeternum. Settlements can be conquered by factions and trades, but this has no effect on the houses of the players within the settlement. So don’t panic should your settlement be attacked once.

You can bring up to 4 other players into your house by joining a group together. Don’t be surprised if other people suddenly run up to your house and just walk inside. They don’t go to your exact house. Houses in New World are instanced. Multiple people can own the same house, but they enter their own instantiation of the house interior.

How can I buy a house?

Before you can buy a home with New World gold, you need to meet a few requirements. First, you have to reach level 15 in order to be able to buy your first house. With level 35 and level 55, you can finally take possession of a second or third house for your character.

But that alone is not enough. If you want to buy a house in a settlement, you also need a certain reputation for the territory. If you don’t have enough of it, then you can simply complete missions, quests, city projects, or just kill monsters. All of this increases your reputation in the region to the point where you are welcomed into the settlement as a neighbor.

Should you buy a house, keep in mind that the first house gives you a 50% discount. So if you don’t have a house yet, this “first home discount” offers you a huge advantage if you want to buy a large house in a good location. If you already have a house, the price rises back to the normal price.

What do the houses offer?

There are different house categories with different benefits for you to choose from. Some are small and a bit on the edge of the settlement, others are in the heart of the action, close to important places such as the handicraft stations, or have gardens or balconies. So if you want to buy a big house in a good location, it won’t be cheap for you.

Houses are also the only place to store trophies in New World. Trophies give you a certain buff for your character, no matter where in the world of Aeternum you are currently. We, therefore, advise you to at least buy a cheap house as soon as possible so that you can benefit from these permanent stat buffs. Possible trophy bonuses include damage increases against certain types of opponents as well as bonuses for the various crafting opportunities in New World. Global luck bonuses and equipment bonuses can also be activated for your character through trophies by farm New World arena boss. So it’s definitely worth it!

Every house can also “level”. You can upgrade your house from level 1 to level 4, with each level giving you an additional advantage in terms of storage space, light, pets, and fast travel cooldown. Of course, each level also costs something and you also need a better reputation level in the area for each upgrade. We have put together an overview for you here.

Level 1

Cost: 5,000 NW coins

From reputation level: 10

Fast Travel Cooldown: 4 hours

Maximum storage furniture: 1

Maximum lights: 4

Maximum pets: 5

Level 2

Cost: 10,000 coins

From reputation level: 15

Fast travel cooldown: 3 hours

Maximum storage furniture: 2

Maximum lights: 6

Maximum pets: 6

Level 3

Cost: 15,000 coins

From reputation level: 20

Fast travel cooldown: 2.5 hours

Maximum storage furniture: 3

Maximum lights: 8

Maximum pets: 7

Level 4

Cost: 20,000 coins

From reputation level: 20

Fast Travel Cooldown: 2 hours

Maximum storage furniture: 4

Maximum lights: 10

Maximum pets: 8

Speaking of costs: There are also taxes in Aeternum. A weekly property tax is due on your house. This depends on who controls the settlement. However, if you should not be able to pay the property tax, you will not lose your house and yard straight away. If you don’t pay the tax, you can’t do any renovations or take a quick trip to the house. The trophy buffs will also be deactivated for you until you have fulfilled your obligations.


The decoration of your own house is of course up to you and only you decide how you want to live there in the end. For example, with each level of your house, you can create more storage options and keep many valuable items in one central location.

In addition to storage options, you can also hang trophies on the wall and thus receive many buffs. Some buffs increase your crafting skills, and others give you a damage bonus against certain opponents. But be careful: Only one selection of buffs can be active at the same time. So you have to choose which one you want to be active in at the moment.

If you have the most beautifully decorated house at that location, your decoration will be shown to the other players in passing. A ranking system is used to determine who has the most beautiful house so that your decoration is offset against your reputation for territory. At each house, you can also display a list and get an impression of how other players decorated the house.


In conclusion, it can be said that you can gain advantages in certain things through Housing in New World. If you have houses near busy trading posts, you can make quite a lot of money selling goods. Once you have spread out your three houses over the whole map, you can quickly travel from A to B thanks to the ability to travel quickly to the houses.

With housing in Aeternum, everyone can not only create their own home and retreat for their character but also – incidentally – benefit directly from it. Whether you use one of these tactics or just buy and decorate houses based on how they look and feel is still up to you at the end of the day.

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