Reading Cat Tail Signs Made Easy!

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Feline pet parents acquainted with their kitty’s behavior over a period may be adept at decoding their furball’s prominent tail signals. While it is a skill that senior pet owners have mastered, new cat parents may look up resources online or seek guidance from the nearest help in the family, friends, or community circle to learn about the cat’s intent.

Like squirrels and other tailed creatures, kitties use their fuzzy tails to communicate with other felines and convey particular messages to their hoomen. The swishing tail definitely says something. It could mean resentment, aggression, sorrow, pain, anger, warning, and a range of other feelings. If you think about what in the world it means and how to enforce positive behavior, visit the vet for genuine suggestions and understand your fur baby’s gestures.

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We discuss the most common cat tail signals and what they mean so cat parents can sigh a breath of relief. 


When you find your cat vigorously thrashing the tail, it most likely means they aren’t in a jolly mood and don’t have a taste for the current time/place/situation. It is a strong indicator saying your munchkin is running out of patience and the rest of them sharing the space need to back off.

For instance, if you are petting your kitty and abruptly your feline pet’s tail starts thumping, it is a clear sign for you to mellow down. Too much affection may trigger stress factors resulting in a tail-thumping outburst. Leaving your furry friend alone for a brief period may lower the annoyance and anxiety.


Your kitty pal is swishing their rigid tail side to side, which possibly is a sign of aggression building up inside because of some disappointment it is experiencing. Such behavior is also more often noticed in cats when introduced to new places or situations. It is a feline’s way of saying I miss my home and please take me back asap. However, a relaxed kitty’s tail appears less rigid even though it is lowered and wags side to side.


If your kitty’s tail is straight in a vertical position is an indicator of playful nature. An upright tail wagging side to side is an invitation for other felines or companions to engage in interaction. However, a quivering straight tail is a marking territory signal claiming their ownership. If the upright tail turns concave, your kitty is getting defensive, disengaging and shunning interaction.


Like dogs, tucking tails in between the legs is a sign of a frightened cat. First, carefully examine the environment and identify the stimulus initiating a fearful response in your kitty. Then, please remove it from your munchkin’s vicinity to reduce stress and restore comfortable conditions.

However, it is easy to spot a happy tail. Your kitty’s tail looks relaxed and is held high with a slight wagging at the tail end. It shows a happy state of mind, contentment, and a desire for attention. To thoroughly assess the kitty’s emotion, observe its eyes, ears, bodily gestures, and sounds it makes.

Constantly aggressive cats may need vet assistance, the help of behavioral therapy experts, and a lot of positive reinforcement training sessions to curb their negative instincts. It may even be a sign of illness or injury, so be sure to get that checked out. Cat insurance in NZ covers a range of vet visit costs, medical prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment for illness and injury, and many more services. Avail of the health services required by signing up for optimal medical cover through insurance for pets online.

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