A Guide to Replacing Car Parts during Maintenance

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Car owners consider their cars their most prized possessions, and over 60% of them spend more financial resources on maintenance over the vehicle’s lifespan. Most of this expenditure is on spare parts for replacements. Investing in car maintenance can significantly improve your commute experience as well.

However, there are multiple options for spare parts and services. Whether you’re looking for Toyota parts or Holden ones, there are numerous specifics to examine. Worry not, and read on about how to make the most out of your maintenance service experiences.


Why Replacement?

Cars travel thousands of miles in their lifetime. Some car parts like the engine undergo heavy strain and damage until a replacement is the only option. Maintaining good vehicle health can prevent you from requiring a premature car part replacement. However, the earlier you consider replacement, the better it is. Extensive damage to a single car part can extend to adjacent car parts, wreaking havoc internally.

Moreover, a damaged engine or battery could cost you more by consuming more gas. In such cases, an early replacement can help you save money.



Car batteries are one of the most frequent parts that require replacement. From car battery failure to acid stratification, more than a few issues can surface concerning batteries.

These critical conditions can affect the overall car performance, affecting your commute experience.

Battery leaks can also ruin your vehicle. To avoid such accidents, replace the car battery once every five years and sign up for annual checks for dirty terminals, clogged electrical junctions, and damaged cables.



With late-night driving becoming more frequent, functional headlights are a must. Unlike engines, there’s no way to notice if your external lights are giving out unless they give out.

It’s a healthy practice to replace your headlights every seven years. However, rash driving might require sooner replacements!

If your headlights continue to cause problems, look for burned bulbs and wires.


Brake Pads

Brake pads are the most crucial parts of any car. Without functional brake pads, a vehicle is essentially scrap metal. Neglecting brake pad maintenance could be life-threatening. To avoid accidents, regularly check your brake pads at a professional mechanic. Moreover, consider replacing the pads after every 30,000-70,000 miles.


Engine Sensors and Spark Plugs

Engine sensors are crucial to normal engine function. It controls air-fuel mixture ratios, fuel injection modes, and camshaft timing. Essentially, it is a lifeline of the car. Additionally, spark plugs serve as the ignition source for the air-fuel mixture.

The lifespan of both ranges from five to seven years, and the spare Toyota parts are model specific. Purchasing these parts from unverified companies could compromise your vehicle’s health.



Replacing windshield wipers and oil and air filters is relatively simple. After purchasing them from a verified manufacturer, replace them yourself instead of hiring a mechanic.

Adequate car maintenance is expensive, and any savings will help you in the long run.


Physical Components

Accidents result in the loss of several car parts. Whether there’s sentimental or financial value, people choose to replace these parts instead of investing in a new vehicle.

For older models, finding spare parts is a daunting task. However, retaining original model parts can help increase the resale price of vintage models. In other cases, finding appropriate spare parts (same model) can be good for vehicle health and efficiency.


Regular Servicing and Verification

To ensure that your vehicle is in pristine condition, always service it regularly. Upon receiving notifications for replacement, try obtaining a second opinion. Always ensure that the spare parts are for the same model.

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