What A Virtual Mailbox Does For You

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Benefits Of A Virtual Mailbox

Virtual mailboxes are a great way to simplify your life. All of your junk mail will be automatically removed. Every piece of your mail will be digitized and accessible in the cloud and you will have the benefit of having checks deposited that you would usually receive in the mail. If you move, you won’t have to change your address because you will be able to continue receiving your mail no matter where you live. This also helps people not have the issue with mishandled mail. People are feeling more safe with having a virtual mailbox and it is becoming more and more popular to have one.

The benefits of having a virtual mailbox are amazing. You will have so much more security this way because you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing your mail, and it reduces the risk of theft, loss, damage, and getting put into someone else’s mailbox because there is no middleman handling your mail. Your trash mail can be shredded to protect your personal information without any extra charges. The convenience it offers are great, you’ll have the ability to ship packages anywhere at any time with your security and privacy protected. You can use your laptop or phone after choosing the shipping plan you like the most and that will give you the convenience that a P.O. box can’t offer. Being able to scan mail and save it to the cloud being able to sit on the couch watching T.V. in your home. You will also have immediate access to your mail without having to drive to the Post Office, with that you will receive notifications with what is in your box.

How To Get A Virtual Mailbox

Don’t worry it’s not a difficult process to get set up with a Virtual Mailbox. You’ll need to sign up and make an account, select between the three plans they offer. There are three tiers for you to choose from; basic, plus and business. After you sign up you will need to complete their simple onboarding process where they review a couple forms of identification for verification. You will have to provide a notarized 1583 form that allows them to legally manage mail on your behalf. The final step is that you will need to complete a change of address with USPS so your mail can go from your current address to your new virtual address.

Are Virtual Mailboxes Safe?

Yes, virtual mailboxes are safe. They provide more security than the regular mailbox does. Mail theft has increased by 600 percent in the last 3 years. Paper and digital mail are safe with a virtual mailbox.

Understanding Virtual Mailbox

The virtual mailbox is similar to an email inbox with it being easy to use. If your address changes, you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing it with the post office. You can manage mail and packages online from anywhere at any time, and receive packages from any courier. You have the advantage to forward documents, pick up and ship packages, and shred mail you don’t want and need.

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