What Are the Functions of Tower Cranes?

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You’ve probably seen tower cranes before. Hard to miss.

Those large objects rising hundreds of feet in the air are tower cranes. They are used by construction teams to raise concrete, heavy equipment, steel, and other materials. You may be interested in learning how this mysterious contraption works even though you are familiar with how tower cranes appear.

Why does a tower crane not collapse?

What kind of weight can it support? What does the tower crane cost?  And how do they expand when structures grow? These are but a few of the numerous inquiries individuals have regarding construction cranes. We’ll explain tower cranes, how they work, and the crane training courses you may enroll in this post.

How do tower cranes work?

A tower crane, as further defined, is a sort of device used to drop, raise, and transport big or bulky building objects around. It is outfitted with a hoist rope, chains, or sheaves.

The tower crane’s work is essential. We wouldn’t be able to construct the magnificent buildings and structures that we have come to adore without it. Tower cranes make it possible to construct significant buildings and monuments practically and securely. Let’s examine the tower crane’s essential components.

Crank Parts

In general, all tower cranes ought to have the same essential parts.

Cement Pad

To begin with, heavy bolts are used to fasten the crane’s base to a sizable concrete platform. The crane will be stabilized and supported by this pad.


The mast sometimes referred to as the tower, is connected to the base from that point. The crane’s larger tower, which extends far into the sky, is this.

Unit Slewing

The slewing device is fixed to the mast. The huge ring gear and motor that make up the slewing unit allow the crane to spin.


The jib, which is also known as the boom, is attached to the slewing unit. This is the crane’s long arm that projects outward.

The machinery arms

Extends out in the opposite direction from the jib. It is the shorter arm and is equipped with substantial concrete counterweights, which help the arm maintain balance when extending heavy items along the jib.

Operating Room

On top of the slewing unit is where the operator’s cabin is situated. Here, the crane expert carefully coordinates the movement of the items. Training in Certified Cranes – Gain Certification in as little as 3 weeks.

Program for three weeks: The majority of people have hectic lives in general. We at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America are aware that not everyone can readily commit years of their lives to pursue higher education. Our rapid programs can be finished in as little as three weeks.

What kind of loads can tower cranes handle?

Tower cranes have their limitations even though they can lift and transfer large loads at once.  Here are the lift requirements for a construction crane.

  • Maximum Height, Unsupported: 265 feet (80 meters)
  • Reaching Distance: 230 ft (70 meters)
  • 19.8 tonnes of Maximum Lifting Power (18 metric tons)
  • 20-ton counterweights (16.3 metric tons)

When assembling a tower crane, there are several factors to take into account for the crane shipping procedure. Let’s examine the different components of crane transportation.

Transportation Budget The transportation budget should be your first consideration. Transporting different tower crane parts would necessitate heavy hauling services, which come at an extra cost.

Routes for Transportation

Transportation Routes is the next topic. We will need to take road limits into account now that we have heavy transportation services for the tower crane parts. When transporting goods that are more than a specific weight or size, some road routes and journeys are forbidden.

Transportation Schedule To move tower crane equipment effectively and safely, you’ll need to plan a detailed transportation schedule that makes sure all tower crane parts arrive at their destinations on time and in the correct sequence for assembly.

What is the cost of a tower crane?

Tower Crane ($300,000 – $1,500,000+): One of the biggest cranes, this balancing crane often has the greatest and strongest lifting capacities because of its size and strength.

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