Understanding the concept of right angled triangle

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This triangle is also known as a right triangle or a triangle with a 90-degree angle. In trigonometry, the correct area of a right triangle is very significant. In this essay, we’ll study more about this triangle.

What is the definition of a triangle?

A triangle is a three-sided regular polygon in which the sum of any two sides is always larger than the third. This is a triangle’s one-of-a-kind quality. In other words, any closed figure with three sides and the total of all three internal angles equals 180° can be called to be closed.

Triangles of various shapes and sizes

  • Acute angle triangle: An acute angle triangle has an angle of less than 90 degrees between any two sides.
  • A right-angle triangle has two sides with an angle of 90 degrees between them.
  • Obtuse angle triangle: An obtuse angle triangle has a greater than 90-degree angle between two sides.

The sides of the triangle determine the other three sorts of triangles.

  • Triangle of Scalene (All the three sides are unequal)
  • Triangle of isosceles (Two sides are equal)
  • Triangle with equal sides (All the three sides are equal)

Note that both a scalene and an isosceles triangle can be right triangles. All three sides of a scalene right triangle are unequal in length, and any of the one angles is a right angle. The base and perpendicular sides of an isosceles right triangle, which contains the right angle, will be identical in length. The hypotenuse will be the third uneven side.

Triangle with a Right Angle

A right-angled triangle is one in which one of the angles is equal to 90 degrees. The total of the other two angles is 90 degrees. Perpendicular and the base of the triangle are the sides that include the right angle. The hypotenuse, which is the longest of the three sides, is the third side. The smaller side is the one on the opposite side of the right angle.

Right Triangle Shape

A right triangle is a closed object with three sides and one perpendicular side.

  • Triangles with a Right Angle
  • Let’s have a look at the attributes of a right-angle triangle.
  • The proper angle is always 90 degrees.
  • The hypotenuse is the side with the 90° angle opposite it.
  • The longest side is always the hypotenuse.
  • The other two inner angles add up to 90 degrees.
  • Base and perpendicular are the other two sides that are next to the right angle.

We may generate three comparable triangles by dropping a perpendicular from the right angle to the hypotenuse.

If we construct a circumcircle that passes through all three vertices, the radius of this circle equals half of the hypotenuse’s length.

The triangle is termed an Isosceles Right Angled Triangle if one of the angles is 90 degrees and the other two angles are each 45 degrees. The neighbouring sides to 90 degrees are all the same length.

The general characteristics of the right angle triangle were discussed previously. The right angle triangle is also relatively simple to create. Continue learning with BYJU’S to get more study resources on a variety of Geometry and other subjective themes.


Trigonometric functions or the Pythagoras theorem can be used to identify the missing sides of a right-angled triangle. The Pythagoras theorem may be utilised if two sides are known, and trigonometric functions like sine, cos, and tan can be used to compute the missing side if one side and an angle are given. Get in touch with us at Cuemath and we will help you in understanding everything about the concept.


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