A Name for a US State that begins with M

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Name the name of a US State beginning with M is one of the top topics being discussed by the masses, so try to guess the correct answer, and look up the full list of US States that begin with the letter M below. The United States is a developed nation that contributes around 25% of the global GDP.

A name for a US State that begins with M

The United States of America also called America known as US is situated primarily in North America. There are 50 states, five major territories that are not incorporated as well as 326 Indian reservations, and a federal district. In the United States, there are 326 Indian reservations. The US is a republic of the federal kind and a representative democracy, with three different parts of the government. It is a democratic republic with 3 branches of government.

The United States is a developed country that accounts for about 25% of the world’s GDP. It is the world’s biggest economy by GDP, based on current exchange rates. It is the US is the world’s largest importer, and the second-largest exporter of goods, in value.

Check out the complete list of US States beginning with M.

A List of US States Beginning with M

  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota

1. Maryland

Maryland is among the states with the lowest population in the US. Maryland state is famous as being the state with the highest median income for households in the US which is $73,594 per household.

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a tiny state with an area of 10.565 sq. miles. Most of the state’s inhabitants reside in metropolitan regions which include those in the Greater Boston region accounting for more than 80% of Bay Staters. Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and also the biggest town in Massachusetts.

3. Michigan

Michigan is the 11th-largest state in the nation and has a total area that is 96,716 sq miles. Detroit is the state’s most populous city, is renowned for having the nation’s biggest metropolitan economy. The name “Detroit” originates directly from Detroit, which is the Ojibwe term “mishigamaa,” which means “great lake” in English.

4. Minnesota

Minnesota lies in the northwestern region of the nation and covers an area being 86,936 sq miles. Minnesota River The Minnesota River, whose name refers to the “clear blue river” in Dakota is what is named the state.

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The name of a US State beginning with M FAQs

1. How many states exist across the US?

It is said that 50 states exist.

2. What is the number of states that start with the letter M?

Four states in the US begin with M.

3. Are you aware that Maryland is a state of the US?

Indeed, Maryland is one of the states that is the smallest in the US.

4. Where is Minnesota where is it located?

Minnesota lies in the northwestern region of the nation, covering an area of 86.336 square miles

5. Is Michigan a state of the US?

Indeed, Michigan is the 11th largest state in the nation.

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