Is New World on the Road to Recovery? Players are Hopeful

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New World has been at its worst in the past few months.However, things are starting to look bright for Amazon’s popular MMORPG.

The state of New World is stabilizing as server populations become static thanks to devs pushing through with acceptable patches and wonderful new content. Amazon’s popular MMORPG has been on a rough patch the past few months, as countless issues and errors plague the game. New World has seen a massive drop in its population due to these issues and has been criticized by its remaining players. After months of scrutiny, Amazon Gaming Studio finally picked itself up and has been very receptive to the community’s opinion. Players with New World accounts are now hopeful that the developers will stay on the right track this time.

New World’s Problematic Start

Amazon’s first massively successful game was off to a great start during its release in September. Thousands of players bought the game from the Steam store and tried their hand at earningNew World goldin Aeternum. At the peak of its launch, gamers and critics considered the game as a potential competitor to other popular MMORPG titles such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Players of the game were excited to see how New World would progress in the coming months.

However, the game’s wonderful start was eclipsed by multiple issues that tested the community’s patience. As the hype of the launch died down, New World started to lose some of its initial player base which was expected for any new game. However, the game being exacerbated by the appearance of bugs, glitches, and errors on the developers’ part, made the state of New World worse for wear.

The community was annoyed by Amazon Gaming Studio’s slow response to issues like the gold duplication exploit and the studio’s lack of transparency about their updates. The gaming studio was doing so poorly that the game’s population dropped to around 100,000, a fraction of what they once had. Gamers also took to the Steam stores’ review page of the game and bombarded it with negative reviews, lowering the game’s rating from Mostly Positive to Mixed. New World’s future was looking grim before it underwent changes in its pace.

The Population is Starting to Stabilize

For the past few months, New World has seen a significant drop in their player base as errors plague the game. Recently, the game’s population started to stabilize at around 100,000 players as the increase and decrease in its active players were very minimal. This stage in their player count might indicate that the game has finally found its footing, and they can start working up from there. Though it is unsure why the population count has finally stabilized, some would argue that the gaming studio’s recent actions have a hand in it.

Amazon’s Answer

After listening to their players’ criticism and opinions, Amazon Gaming Studio took sincere steps in making up for their past errors and missteps. AGS admitted that they were going at a brisque pace on their content releases and updates. Their pacing affected the quality of the output since the changes were not communicated with their players and not tested thoroughly. The devs have announced that they would be taking things slow this time around. New updates will be tested more thoroughly to ensure that the changes will help improve the player’s gaming experience and make the game more interesting and unique. At the same time, the studio will continuously update the community about the changes and patches that they will make to the game.

Part of Amazon’s plan to recover from their blunders is to reestablish their connection with their fans. Previously, devs had communication issues, resulting in a lack of transparency. Now, developers have begun making amends by constantly interacting with New World gamers and listening to their points and opinions. Amazon Gaming Studio has also accepted a challenge issued by the community to have the developers play the game and stream it live. To the community’s surprise, the devs took on the challenge and made the players happy with their failed but entertaining run in Myrkgard.

Recent Good Content and Updates

New World had a bad reputation when it comes to updates, due to past changes making the game hard and unrewarding. In addition, some of these changes wouldn’t have been opened up to the players if some gamers hadn’t noticed and done some testing on the end-game content. However, recent and future updates seem to have taken a turn for the better. New World’s holiday event, The Winter Convergence, became so popular that the gaming studio had its duration extended. Instead of the event ending on January 11, the event would stay until the 25th of January 2022. The decision made players happy as it would allow them to farm up items that they might not see again after the event.

The Mutators update, which is still on the experimental stage, has made players excited to see how it would affect their playstyle. Instead of dropping the major update right away, Amazon Gaming Studio took their time in testing out and optimizing the new add-on before the release to make sure that it’s in its best version when it comes out.

Though New World players are hopeful that the game will continue to pick up its pace, the community is still cautious that the MMORPG might revert back to its chaotic state. However, with the recent changes in how the developers handle updates and patches, the game’s future is starting to brighten up. New World’s community might finally experience the joy of grinding New World gold once again as they did during the launch.


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