Miles Morales Might Be Coming to Fortnite

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Take it with a grain of salt

Fortnite skins are always the talk of the gaming community. Everybody’s speculating which characters are likely to be released, creating anticipation for all Fortnite account users. Leaks dangle crumbs of possibility, though sometimes they don’t lead to something true. Players are currently hoping that Miles Morales, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man successor, is coming to Fortnite.

Who is Miles Morales in Fortnite?

Long-time Marvel fans know that Miles Morales was the one who replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man after the latter’s death. As a character, he is lauded as a character with whom persons of color can relate.

He was born to Rio Morales and Jefferson Davis and lived in Brooklyn. In the comics, Dr. Conrad Markus develops a serum from Peter’s blood that can recreate Spider-Man’s powers. The Prowler steals this formula from him. One of the doctor’s experimental spiders somehow ends up with the formula thief’s things.

The Prowler, whose real identity is Aaron Davis, brother of Jefferson Davis, brings the spider home unknowingly. Miles visits his uncle a few days later and gets bitten by the experiment. He gains Spider-Man’s powers and officially replaces Peter Parker once he gets his signature black-and-red suit.

Though his story has many iterations, his identity as the next Spider-Man, his parents, and uncle remains constant. Miles has been featured in many different games and films. In recent years, the most notable ones are Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and the Into the Spider-Verse film franchise.

People are looking forward to Miles’ introduction to the Fortnite universe. He might be Spider-Man, but he has a different skill-set than Peter. Miles can blast venom at enemies and camouflage himself aside from the usual wall-climbing, web-shooting, and spider senses. He’s not and never was the same as Peter Parker.

Why It’s Likely

Peter Parker as Spider-Man has already been released as a skin in Fortnite. It even got Venom and Future Foundation versions, which was a treat to fans everywhere. Aside from him, the Prowler skin has been confirmed as a future skin in the game since Chapter 3, Season 2.

It’s the second Marvel skin to be released in this season’s Battle Pass. Dr. Strange is the 100th tier reward, while the Prowler is a “Hidden” Skin, meaning there’s a different way to unlock him. Players get that type through challenges instead of using Battle Stars to buy it.

You can see a preview of the skin in the Battle Pass tab on the main menu. The skin and the challenges won’t be available until April 21, but players can see what they can get from completing them. That includes a harvesting tool, emotes, loading screens, and other Prowler-themed stuff.

Now, with the original Spider-Man and his uncle in the game, Miles shouldn’t be far behind. Most are taking this to be practically confirmed, even if the source is just a leak. However, there isn’t any definite date of release. The basis for this speculation is what’s above and Donald Mustard’s updates to his Twitter profile.

The Chief Creative Officer of Fortnite usually teases future content through these updates. Currently, his location is RESISTANCE, the name of the current season. His cover photo is also of Spider-Man in what seems to be the classic suit. This points to some Spider-Man content, but it’s not an outright confirmation of Miles’ appearance in the game.

Admittedly, everything is still uncertain. Leaks can still be wrong, or the release might be later than we think.

Looking Forward to Miles Morales’ Spider-Man

At any rate, this is something to be excited about. Many players would want the skin available in the Fortnite Item Shop. Fans of the comics, the games, and the films would rush to get it. It won’t matter to them whether that’s a Battle Pass reward, a Hidden Skin, or from the shop. They’ll make sure their Fortnite account will have the skin.

That’s all the information on a possible Miles Morales skin in Fortnite. For some, this is almost confirmed, as several leaks seem to be agreeing to it. Still, leave some room for doubt. This is about future content that could have changed in the meantime. Also, this way, the disappointment when it doesn’t come will be reduced. In contrast, if it does turn out to be correct, you’d be happier to have your expectations exceeded.

Enjoy Fortnite while waiting for confirmation!

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