2 Best Shower Head Arms In 2022

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Admit it: up until it rusts, you hardly ever think about your shower head extension. But did you realize that the way you use your shower arm affects how you use it? Where you stand and how you rinse your body will depend on the sort of shower head extension you have in your bathroom. As a result, you cannot afford to compromise on your shower arm’s selection.

In addition, shower head arms do a great job of keeping the water flowing swiftly and easily while providing the ideal water height from your head. A great shower arm is also a great chance to upgrade the aesthetic of your bathroom as a whole. So how do you choose the ideal shower head extension for your bathroom experience? How do you tell which one is ideal for your house? We’ll provide you with two of the top shower arms on the market in this article. We also provide a shopping guide to make your decision-making process simpler. Let’s start:

1. Hansgrohe Raindance Shower

This is your best option if you’re looking for a simple and stylish shower arm. The Raindance showerhead extender is built with close proximity to the wall in mind. Additionally, it includes an 8-inch vertical lift and a right-angle bend that allows it to rotate left and right. An escutcheon plate from Raindance makes installation simple and improves the appearance of your shower.

The plate also increases the stability of the shower arm, gives it a cleaner, more polished appearance, and the rounded base is great for tall users. For any necessary future repairs or replacements, this German brand also includes a warranty. The arm has exceptional quality and superior engineering and is constructed of solid brass. This shower arm may be given a shiny chrome or nickel finish to increase its appearance. Since it has a 2.5 inch vertical and a 15-inch reach, lifting your hand to adjust the showerhead arm will feel uncomfortable unless you are tall.

Additionally, there aren’t many showerhead alternatives due to the arm’s correct angle. Additionally, you must make sure the showerhead you buy for this arm is narrow enough to avoid jarring the shower arm or the wall. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with the shower arm’s weight, which is over 3 pounds, making it a burden.

2. AquaDance 7″ Premium High-Pressure Shower Head Extension

Choose the AquaDance shower arm if you want the most adaptable shower head on the market. The flexible and wall-mounted showerheads can both be supported, even if they weigh 3 pounds with a length of 450mm shower arm. Two, both indoor and outdoor bathrooms may utilize it. Thirdly, it includes adjustment knobs on either side. Last but not least, it has a 2-inch extension that can only rotate up and down and not left or right.

The aqua elegance is also aesthetically pleasing due to its solid brass construction and the option of applying various coatings to the arm. Even though it weighs 9.6 ounces, installation is simple because no special equipment or assistance is needed. You must attach the arm to your existing shower arm since it has threaded ends. As a result, the AquaDance cannot be mounted on the wall as other shower arms can. Before beginning the installation, detach your present shower head. Reposition the showerhead by screwing it back into place after attaching the AquaDance arm to the existing shower extension. However, you might also need to replace the shower head if you wish to extend the shower.

If you wish to put your shower extension on the wall, you will need to create the attachment and purchase a separate wall flange. Additionally, avoid mounting showerheads that weigh more than three pounds. The AquaDance shower head is also resistant to corrosion, rust, grit, dampness, and all these other things.

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