Our Top Picks for Shower Head Extension

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 Hanebath Brass Shower Arm

Your options for bathroom accessories will be more varied if you get a shower head extender that is compatible with a variety of types and brands. The Hanebath shower arm in matte black will help you with this. This is how: You may choose a Moen, Delta, or Kohle showerhead to go with the matte black Hanebath shower arm. Because of its S-shaped shower arms, which are a little flatter than the conventional version, it also has a distinctive appearance. Inside the curves, they feature rounded bends as well.

Brass makes up the shower extension’s foundation. Its overall small weight of 1.22 lbs makes it portable. Remember, though, that the Hanebath thread is wider-ranging. In order for the arm to fit properly, you might need to drill a square that is 1.65 inches wide. Additionally, due to the bigger connecting nipple and additional holes, pay close attention to the shower arm when installing it. You can also get it in various colors if you don’t want it in matte black.

Vida Alegria 18” Shower Head Extension Arm

The shower experience that gives you some flexibility is the finest. You don’t want to be chasing water all around your bathroom. So you have more room to spin as the water touches every part of your body with a longer shower extension like the Vida Alegria. This arm’s 18-inch reach almost equals to 450mm shower arm also swivels up and down so you can position it at the ideal angle. As you shower, Vida’s interlocking teeth prevent the arm from moving around. As a result, it stays in the same spot from the start of your shower to the finish. You only need to spin the ergonomic clamp and lock it if you feel the need to adjust the shower head extension’s position. Vida is ideal for rain shower heads since it is angled to support very big showerheads. The shower arm will be made of solid brass with brushed nickel, oiled bronze, and chrome finishes as options. In addition, the Vida shower arm looks fantastic and complements your home’s decor without sacrificing practicality. The finest feature of this addon is that it is ideal for DIY projects since it includes detailed instructions.

 Delta Faucet Adjustable Shower Arms

With this extension shower head, which provides more than the eye can see, you receive value. The Delta arm is designed to extend its reach beyond what you may anticipate. The extension arm is typically 10.9 inches long. However, it can grow another 8 inches. On both the side with the showerhead and the wall connection, the extension arm may also be adjusted. As a result, you may adjust the showerhead’s vertical height or angle. The Delta arm allows you to connect two shower arms together, so you may extend the reach of your shower head with it. While in principle this would be possible, the weight of the extension could harm the tiles on your shower wall. Additionally, connecting two shower arms will make it harder to retain the original angle of your shower arm. But with this arm, you may utilize several showerhead manufacturers. The easy installation and quick turnaround time of the Delta adjustable arm are further benefits. In terms of appearance, the brass base of the Delta extension arm has a chrome finish. It also features a practical design that can be readily adjusted for height and angle. As a consequence, the Delta shower head extension offers you three distinct benefits.

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