WoW TBC MountHyjal Raid Guide

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Follow this guide and discover the many secrets that you’ll come across on Mount Hyjal.

One element that makes Burning Crusade Power leveling appealing is the unlockable end-game content. Like some of the latest RPGs in the video game market, you always have something to “grind.” In other words, even though you finish the main story, there’s more content to explore and more WoW TBC Gold to earn.

For example, some of the best TBC items in the game are difficult to collect. Indeed, tons of players might need to spend meaningful hours trying to collect some of the best equipment. But if you manage to gather the great stuff, you’ll have the strongest champion on your server.

Above all, it is never an easy path to take if you want to collect everything. In World of Warcraft, you’ll visit the most challenging instances in all of Azeroth (and beyond). Therefore, you’ll need to make a powerful character and join a capable Guild. Still, though, some of the best “gaming memories” come when you manage to defeat a powerful monster with your friends/guildmates.

In this article, you’ll learn how to unlock Mount Hyjal and the unique features of this place.

Unlocking the Raid

Before you try any attempt for attunement to Hyjay Summit, you’ll need a couple of requirements. First of all, you’ll need to reach level 70 with your character. Hence, you should complete quests and move around the WoW Classic TBC content to earn WoW TBC Gold.

Secondly, you must attain a “Revered” reputation with Keepers of Time’s faction. If you miss any of these elements, the attunement quest will remain locked, and you won’t be able to see the “mark.”

Afterward, travel into the Caverns of Time (lower level), and look for the NPC named “Soridormi.” You’ll discover that it will guide you to the next quest called “The Vials of Eternity.” Overall, you’ll need to obtain two essential items to complete this task.

On the one hand, you’ll need the Vashj’s Vial Remnant from Lady Vashj inside the Serpentshrine Cavern. Furthermore, you’ll need Kael’s Vial Remnant from Kael’thasSunstrider inside the Tempest Keep to complete the quest.

Lastly, return to Soridormi and complete the attunement process.

WoW TBC Mount HyjalRaid Guide

One of the characteristics that make this Raid unique is the setting. This time around, you’re traveling through time and fighting some of the difficult conflicts from the past. In other words, practically, you’re “Inception,” since you’re re-playing The Burning Crusade.

The instance is linear, and you cannot skip any of the bosses. First, you’ll need to travel inside “towns” and talk to the leader. After making a few clicks, the encounter will start, making random mobs (monsters) spawn. The main objective of these enemies is to kill everything inside. Hence, you’ll need to defeat them first to prevent this from happening.

Usually, the enemies will come in groups (8 waves), and the last part will have a powerful boss. Above all, try to remain alive at all costs and protect your entire party. If everyone dies, you’ll need to wait for the leader NPC to respawn restart the encounter from the first wave, and farm some WoW TBC Items.

Mount Hyjal Bosses

  • Rage Winterchill: If you want to make things easier with this boss, you’ll need the trinket called “Medallion of the Alliance” or “Medallion of the Horde.” Overall, this boss casts “Icebolt,” and you can counter it with the trinket.
  • Another on: Try to counter the “Carrion Swarm” ability with healers making an imaginary circle and away from each other. Remember to lure the enemy near the NPC leader to increase the damage.
  • Kaz’rogal: The Mark of Kaz’rogal ability makes this encounter more difficult for any caster. If the boss throws this debuff at you, you’ll lose mana over time. Afterward, when the mana pool is empty, you’ll explode and deal damage to your closest party members.
  • Azgalor: This boss will often cast “Doom” and kill the target. Afterward, another monster (Doomguard) will spawn on their position. Try to kill this enemy as soon as possible and control the upcoming enemies with a tank.
  • Archimonde: You do not need to fight any more random monsters this time around, and the boss will be there waiting for you. The important thing from this last boss is not to die. It will cast “Soul Charge,” which deals more damage and debuffs as soon as someone dies. Therefore, it might start a killing spree and defeat the entire party.
Unique Features
  • Resets Weekly
  • 25-player Raid
  • Tier 6 Tokens (Helm and Glove)
  • Requires Attunement Quest
  • Located in Caverns of Time

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